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TRENDING HORROR STORY: The Kenyan UBER DRIVER picks a DEPRESSED 'KDF' ARMY OFFICER who has been working in SOMALIA "Around Nairobi One Night at gun-point"


Me: No.

Him: Well, well, well. You’re one of the good ones, aren’t you? Are you happily married?

Me: I.. I… (At once I ask myself, “what does happily married mean? As opposed to what? Sadly married?”) I like to think I am.

Him: Yes or no, Daniel? Yes or no?

Me: Yes.

Him: Have you ever been tempted to lie with another woman as you would with your wife?

Me: Yes.

Him: Tell me about them. These other women.

Me: There was only one. Her name was Sharon. We went to the same church.

Him: Did you ever attempt to act on your temptation?

Me: No.

Him: You’re lying to me.

Me: I swear on my life I am…

Bang! The gun goes off and in my terror, I swerve the car to and fro all over the road and fight really hard to regain control of it. Charles is screaming at the top of his voice;

Him: By all means, fuck up the car! Crash it! Crash the car! See if I care! Go on! Drive us both off the road! Kill us Daniel!! Kill us both!!

But I manage to focus on regaining control of the vehicle and as soon as I bring it to a screeching halt at the side of Kangundo Road, I turn to him screaming as loudly;

Me: What do you want from me Charles??!! What the hell do you want from me??! Do you want the fucking car? You can have it! You want to kill me? Put the gun on my head and do it right now!

Him: Do you want that? DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL YOU?

Me: Yes! Do it! Do it!

Him: Fine!

He points the gun to my head without any hesitation whatsoever and I am sure he will kill me without any second thoughts or regret. This is a man with nothing to loss. With no conscience at all and no regard for human life. So I scream;

Me: Wait!! Please wait!

Him: (Pressing the gun against my head so hard that my head is being pushed against the window on the driver’s side) For what Daniel? For what? Do you want to pray? To what God? To the one of the Jews? Or the Christian one? Or Allah? Or Buddha? Or do you want to turn to Kirinyaga mountain and say “Thaai Thathaiya Ngai Thaai” to the God of your ancestors?

Me: (I’m confused. And scared. I’m thinking of my children and my wife.) Please don’t.

Him: (He’s still pressing the gun against my head really hard) Huh?

Me: Please don’t kill me.

Him: I can’t hear you begging Daniel! Beg Daniel, beg!

Me: Please don’t kill me. Please. For my kids. Please don’t take my kids’ daddy away from them. (I don’t know the point at which tears roll down my face.)

Him: Have you ever cheated on your wife?

Me: No!

Him: You’re lying! (He must be pushing the gun against my temple with all his might now because the hot muzzle starts cutting into my skin.) NO!


Him: YOU’RE LYING DANIEL!! YOU DONT DESERVE TO BE ALIVE!! No soldier should be in Somalia dying for you!!

Me: (I figure he’s about to shoot so I yell) She is the one who cheated on me, OK? She cheated on me. (The pressure of his gun against my head relaxes) She cheated on me, OK? (Then the weight of my words hit me) OH my God. She cheated on me.

Charles gets the gun off my head in silence, puts it back inside his trenchcoat and pats me on the shoulder like we’re buddies and asks me to get out of the car. He doesn’t order. He requests nicely like he genuinely cares about me and I find myself appreciating the gesture. Maybe I’m developing a case of the Stockholm Syndrome.

I get outside the car and he sits behind the wheel as I walk around and sit beside him.

He starts the engine and drives slowly and in silence towards Donholm.

February 8th, 2017. 00:15h. Donholm, Nairobi.

Donholm, Kenya.

Charles has stopped the car outside Steers because he has a craving for Pizza.

Him: Let me grab a pizza in there. I hope it’s as good as I left it when I left for Somalia. But if they put pineapples in my pizza, I’ll kill them all. Wait in the car, OK? And if you try anything weird, I’ll kill you then kill myself. That way I can spend eternity in hell terrorizing you.

I want to say “I’ll go to heaven” but I’m in no mood to make jokes. Not that me going to heaven is funny but because I don’t want him to think I’m joking by saying that.

So he disappears into steers with my phone and the car keys and after having locked me inside my own car like I’m a family pet.

To make sure that my wife doesn’t call me endlessly, Charles made sure we talked (through a “supervised call”) and he made me explain to her that I had just landed a client who needed to be taken around Nairobi in one night and who would tip generously at the end of it all.

He comes back carrying...CONTINUE READING>>>

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