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RUTO IN TROUBLE: MAMA NGINA is angry with how RUTO is controlling UHURU!!! Now Gideon Moi will replace Ruto for 2022 President after deep discussion with former President, Daniel Arap Moi


...meeting, Mama Ngina told Moi that she is concerned with her son re­election in August if Ruto keeps on controlling him. “Mama Ngina is not happy that Ruto seems to have a hold over her son and seems not to appreciate who his (Uhuru) political father is,” the source said. Mama Ngina also told Moi that the rivalry between Gideon Moi and Deputy President will hurt the re­election of Uhuru and she begged Moi to intervene and resolve the matter amicably. She said Ruto and Gideon’s rivalry will automatically split the Kalenjin vote and that is why she wanted the ‘professor of politics’ to intervene. She begged him to fix Gideon and Ruto’s issue before it runs out of hands.
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