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RAILA’s son, JNR, exposed badly, this is what he does behind the scenes with his father.


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s youngest son, JNR, has been put on the spot for enriching himself using his father’s ODM party.
According to Alai, Raila JNR emerges from nowhere during elections when there’s campaign money to be made. “Raila JNR is never a feature at ODM during non­heightened political seasons. He makes appearance when there is campaign money to be made.” Alai said. 

“When Kenyans were going for the 2013 elections, ODM and TNA were the two dominant parties in the opposing sides. TNA, URP and ODM spent a great deal in printing their campaign materials in China and shipping them into the country. One curious thing happened in ODM. Raila Odinga's son, Raila Odinga Junior, together with Ted Josiah designed the ODM T­Shirts and insisted on selling the same to aspirants and party supporters. 

While TNA and URP gave their merchandise for free, Raila's family focused on maximizing monetary returns from the 2012/2013 campaigns. In the end, Raila Junior remained with two containers full of campaign materials because aspirants saw him as the biggest fool trying to expensively sell them what they contributed for.” He added. Here’s full statement by Alai exposing Raila’s son, JNR, greed for money. “When Kenyans were going for the 2013 elections, ODM and TNA were....CONTINUE READING
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