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KTN'S Mohammed Ali reveals the REAL SHOCKING reason why KDF went in Somalia to fight Al Shabaab...The Goverment might #KILL very soon!


The KTN investigative journalist has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to withdraw KDF from Somalia as he revealed they were dying for a cause that has nothing to do with the interests of Kenya.

Mohammed Ali wrote a letter to President Uhuru asking him to withdraw Kenyan soldiers from Somalia; he asked the commander in chief to take his children and those of his cabinet and top military commanders to the war ravaged country if indeed he had the interests of Kenyans at heart.

The KTN journalist revealed KDF only went to Somalia to fight Al Shabaab because of a British widow, Judith Tebbutt, who was kidnapped in Lamu in 2011. Most Kenyans still believe KDF invasion of Somalia was because of a series of attacks the terror group carried out within Kenyan soil.

“Naomba uwaregeshe wanajeshi wetu nyumbani. Ombi langu linatokana na sababu tasa za Kenya kuwatuma nchini Somalia. Kwanza hatuna...continue reading next page >>

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