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This is How KDF Soldiers Mercilessly Defeated and KILLED over 100 Al Shabaab attackers in Kolbiyow Somali. Dont Joke with KDF!! This is like a War MOVIE you watch!!


bases in Somalia including Hiraan and Bay. These fighters were handpicked by Ali Dheere and Maalim Osman, the commanders tasked by Al-Shabaab Shura Council to conduct the attack. The fighters were from terrorists most admired brigades namely the Saleh Nahbahn Brigade, Jaysh Ayman which operates from Somalia’s border with Kenya, and the Abu Zubeyr brigade. All these groups were involved in all attacks against AMISOM troops (Ref: Janaale, Leego, Halgan, and El-Adde in 2016). The mission of the 550 terrorists was to kill each and every of the 123 soldiers stationed at the base before 0800HRS, raise and hoist the flag of the terrorists before distributing pictures of dead Kenyan soldiers on social media to horrify the world and earn glory.

Despite the beautiful dawn beckoning, the few men besides their doctors, nurses, scouts, cooks, priests, and their commanders, lay quietly for the enemy. They had prepared well. The cold morning of Friday the 27th of January kept reassuring them of a day of valor ahead. “Today we make Kenya proud. Today we will free the Somali people from the chains of a relentless enemy”…they kept reassuring each other. With the fingers clutching their machineguns firmly, finger on the trigger, and eyes wide open, the few men from the Kenya Riffles Unit based in Mombasa waited.

With his shoulder never tiring in anticipation, an army sergeant kept feeling the trigger of his special forces shoulder fired Rocket Grenade Propeller (RPG), the damn thick was intact than ever. His collegue, an army Captain using his night visions firmly held with his left hand gave the signal, “There they are, 3 trucks. Lights off, and speeding towards target! Fire!”

The Sergeant pulled it. The whispering tremolo, the barren solitude, and constant waiting ended in a myriad of fireballs and massive explosions. The first suicide bomber was killed and his truck bomb decommissioned. This was the trap, and the enemy fell for it. KDF machine gunners, snipers, and RPG units readied their weapons. It’d be in 10 minutes before the enemy reached the desired range.

The RPG gunner fired another grenade targeting the second suicide bomber truck (SVBIED). His kill was perfect, and the barrenness of the night was ended by distant screams of countless yells of “Allah Akbar!”

“Here they come! Give them nothing but what they deserve!” The CO whispered to his men ready to destroy an enemy who was murderous and in many folds!

“Aye Sir!”

The screams of ‘Allah Akbar’ and the explosion of the 3rd SVBIED were simultaneous. The RPG gunner narrowly missed it but it hit an abandoned gate outpost.

It was the thunderous and simultaneous automatic machine gun fire and....continue reading Next Page>>
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