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This is How KDF Soldiers Mercilessly Defeated and KILLED over 100 Al Shabaab attackers in Kolbiyow Somali. Dont Joke with KDF!! This is like a War MOVIE you watch!!


flares from the Kenya Army outposts and positions that opened the dawn.

And like a song in twilight, the battle of Kolbio began. A Sniper perched on a low hanging branch kept counting his kills until his unit commander told him to allow him count his. For 45 minutes, the KDF gunners pinned down the 1st wave of the enemy fighters ending their approach to the base.

At 0515HRS another wave of PKM machinegun fire great the dusk of this action packed last Friday of January 2017. The army began their merciless onslaught, shooting dead every one of the approaching enemy combatants. By 0620HRS, orders to cease firing were given. The soldiers were instructed to withdraw from the position and tactically take positions outside the base to ensure complete annihilation of the enemy.

The last of the militant’s brigades again fell for the trap, mistaking the tactical withdrawal of the army men for retreat. Assuming they had captured the AMISOM-KDF base in Kolbio at 7.15am East African Time, the Al-Qaeda branch in Somalia, Harakat Al-Shabaab Mujahideen Movement (HSM) last men were attacked from all fronts by the Kenya Army soldiers. The guns blazed from the unseen positions hitting the enemy with brute force and precision. A Private would load a machine gun and the gunner would pat his back. The Commanding Officer kept yelling praise and motivation to his gallant soldiers despite several falling under the enemy fire.

AMISOM troops fired artillery shells at the eastern end of the base where more than 100 fighters were celebrating and receiving orders from their commander identified as Maalim Osman. On the front where the SVBIED had detonated mortars rained on the approximately 200 terrorists celebrating and receiving instructions from Al-Shabaab commander Ali Dheere. The simultaneous attack divided the attackers into different groups forcing....continue reading Next Page>>
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