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SAD PHOTOS: Photos of some young KDF soldiers who were killed in Kulbiyow attack...Just Type #RIP for our brave fallen Soldiers


On Friday, January 27, al-Shabaab militants attacked a Kenya Defence Force (KDF) base in Kulbiyow, Somalia.

KDF in a statement had claimed nine soldiers died during the Kulbiyow base attack.

we managed to get some of the photos of the patriotic Kenyan soldiers who died in the brutal.

Among those killed in the attack was Francis Kombo from Coast region.

Francis Kombo from Coast region died during the Kulbiyow attack
Another soldier Kassim Darga was buried on Sunday, January 29, in Madogo, Tana River County.

Darga left behind a wife and five kids who had depended on him as their bread winner.
Abdulah Aziz from 15 KR battalion was among those killed in the deadly attack.

Abdulah Aziz of 15 KR battalion is another fallen soldier his family had also lost a relative in the El Adde attack of 2016.

Another hero killed in the brutal raid on KDF camp was George Ndirangu.

Ndirangu has left....continue reading+ photos next page
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