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RAILA ODINGA’s ex‐aide, SILAS JAKAKIMBA,exposed badly, Love for “Nunu” will mess up his life already his wife has left him for another man...DRAMA!!(LOOK).


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s ex­aide, Silas Jakakimba, who took to social media and ranted how the Head of Finance in Parliament has been chewing his wife, has been exposed as a wife barterer and notorious womanizer. Silas is said to have abandoned his wife and two kids over the festive season and went to Rusinga Island with his clandestine lover, Natasha. Jakakimba is also accused of battering his wife who reported the matter to Kilimani police station.

This is how he was exposed by a close friend after he accused his wife of spreading her legs to other men. “Silas Jakakimba abandoned his family (wife & two kids) over Christmas & New Year to take his girlfriend Natasha Aduwo aka Natasha Lemmah/ Instagram Tashamellow on holiday to…
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