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MIGUNA MIGUNA posts shocking EVIL SECRETS about PETER KENNETH ... He is worse than KIDERO and SONKO combined.


performed dismally.
§ 1992/­1997: Loyal member and messenger for the RAPACIOUS Youth for
KANU ’92 (YK’92).
§ 1997­2002: Presided over the …DISMEMBERMENT of the Kenya Reinsurance Corporation (Kenya­Re), a
public asset.
§ Attempted to FRAUDULENTLY sell Kenya­Re a public asset with a value of more than Shs. 2 billion to Monarch Insurance Ltd. and Zimbabwe Reinsurance
Corporation at Shs. 800 million.
§ Mysteriously acquired a prime PUBLIC property in Kiuna Estate for a song.
§ 2003: Was stopped by Parliament and the High Court from
FRAUDULENTLY selling Kenya­Re but not before he had BANKRUPTED it.
§ Beneficiary of the single­sourced and dubious CCTV tender between the
Safaricom and Kidero’s cartels.
§ The HANSARD (Of icial Parliamentary Record) of October 23, 2002 at page
2639, Mr. Kenneth was identified as a corporate vulture who had orchestrated
the fraudulent privatisation of a prime public asset.
§ December 2002 to 2013: MP for Gatanga. Claims that he was the “best CDF
Manager” even though as an MP he was not a member of the Gatanga CDF
Board nor did he have any direct role in the CDF management. Compared to the MPIGs who perform at the F level, even an E grade is considered “Good.”
§ 2013: Run for President of Kenya and got less than 10,000 votes from
Nairobi County.
§ Has purportedly recently obtained 2 law degrees through the much maligned
Parallel Degree Program.
§ He prides himself of having “successfully managed” Kenya­Re in the same manner that Evans Kidero had dismembered Mumias Sugar Company when
Nairobi deserves a visionary leader of integrity; not a certified thief like them.
§ Has 30 years’ experience of corporate theft and ineptitude in the management
of of public assets.
§ He has never opposed, spoken or fought against corruption; tribalism; human
rights abuses; and extrajudicial killings.
§ He actively supported the one­party KANU/Moi dictatorship for 24 years and
worked against the struggle for multi­party democracy and a new
§ Peter Kenneth is DISTINCTLY UNQUALIFIED to become Governor of Nairobi.
He is, however qualified as a Socialite Male Bimbo; an establishment and
status quo and cartel ornament!
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