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EXTREMELY SAD STORY: Gospel Star WILLY PAUL has been Enjoying life with his Sug@r-Mummy While his Biological Mother is languishing in Poverty in Mathare Slums....Willy Paul’s Mother EXPOSES Him in this VIDEO.


 She turned away and left the moment she spotted his bristly look.

Back to business, our cameraman was set, ready to record Mrs. Salome’s depressing agony. My hands became a little sweaty the moment I perused through the questions I intended to ask her.

Top of my list was identifying the mysterious woman Willy flaunted roughly 10 weeks ago as his mother. Just to make sure we are reading from the same page; the media was awash with photos of a lady we all thought was Willy’s mother when his biological mom went missing.

All of us used the wrong photo for Willy’s mom. But it was Willy who introduced the lady to us as his mama. Poor us, we were all duped!

You see,Willy Paul had been flaunting this woman he called “Mom” on Instagram sometimes back…A healthy-looking,shades-clad,well-manicured smiling woman who,in that photo,appeared very close to and cosy with Willy Paul.

But this was NOT Willy Paul’s real Mom. And Willy NEVER told the World just why he’s calling her Mom. And just why he appeared so close to her…And why he was holding her so affectionately.

What’s more? Even after Willy Paul’s fans flooded his Instagram with sweet comments telling him just how beautiful and nice and sweet his Mom looked,Willy Paul NEVER corrected them….And never told his fans that this was NOT the his real Mother.

The World believed that this was Willy’s Mom. And Willy Paul could not have been happier.

Back to Mathare, Mama Willis,as she is commonly called around here,was shocked sick when she learnt that her son had been calling another woman mother…All along.

But why has Willy never gone...continue reading Next Page>>

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