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EXTREMELY SAD STORY: Gospel Star WILLY PAUL has been Enjoying life with his Sug@r-Mummy While his Biological Mother is languishing in Poverty in Mathare Slums....Willy Paul’s Mother EXPOSES Him in this VIDEO.


public with his blood mother? Now this where details becomes even more absorbing.

Believe it or not, ever since Willy left her mother’s house in 2012 to fly on his own,his mother has NEVER stepped foot in his house. NEVER.

The ‘Tam Tam’ hit maker stays in Tassia,Embakasi. It’s just around Nairobi,really. And it’s not as if Mrs. Salome needs an American visa to fly to his crib.

Willy’s mother stays less than 20 KM from his son yet about three years has passed now and his mother has no idea where his son lives.

The mother still lives in the same ‘ka-single’ room Willy was brought up in and his son lives the glitzy life of a celebrity! He must have deleted his past so quickly, perhaps if he had preserved history book he would have remembered his mother went through hell just to give him the best she could afford.

The room she stays in is less than Kes 10,000 a month, surely Willy can afford something better than that for the woman who not only bore but breastfed and raised him.

One thing though, his mother isn’t even bitter with her son for not dragging her out of poverty pit, his filthy ‘betrayal’ is what broke her heart into pieces.

She couldn’t comprehend how her own son had turned a blind eye on her, Willy doesn’t want the public to know about his mother. Interestingly, Mrs. Salome doesn’t even have a beastly look to scare anyone’s eyes.

So why is Willy ashamed of his mother? Check out photos and video interview Ghafla! had with Mrs. Salome below:

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