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OBAMA attacks Citizen TV’s HUSSEIN MOHAMED for making RAILA look like a FOOL


...the people who were exasperated by the Hussein/ Raila interview was United States President Barrack Obama’s half brother, Malik Obama. Malik, who was following the interview through satellite from his home in California, United States, said Hussein was shouting and disrespecting the opposition leader by asking him some juvenile and stupid questions. Here is what Malik posted. “Hussein Muhammed of Citizen News is very RUDE! BELLICOSE and DISTASTEFUL! He thinks he is GOD. ALL JOURNALISTS THINK THEY ARE GOD!” wrote Malik. “Hussein Muhammed interview with Raila Odinga Dec 22, 2016 VERY BAD. He (Hussein Muhammed) is CNN, MSNBC (MSM) COPYRIGHT!” Malik added
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