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JUBILEE Senator MARTHA WANGARI exposed; Her thirst for S£X with young men and other nasty stuff (PHOTOS)


Nominated Senator, Martha Wangari, has been exposed badly for being a conlady and satisfying her
thirst for s3x with “Ben 10s”. She is alleged to have dumped a 26 yr old “Ben 10” recently after satisfying her thirst for s3x. She has also conned one of her friends lots of money and refused to pay.
This is how she was exposed in a popular Telegram channel
The year is 2009.
Her official Names.
Martha Wangari..
So you borrowed cash from one Bernard.that was in 2009,and you made a
promise of repaying it as soon as you can.
But it's been 7 solid years.
7 years and and the person whom you asked the cash from is still waiting. And
you were nominated as a senator.
Well I know you personally. You are a Jack of All Trades.
And now you want to vie as MP fr Gilgil constituency. You are using funds
ofcourse to campaign. And yet you don't want to pay some one else's
debt.7years madam senator.
I know u sent people to my inbox to threaten me,but I dnt get cowed by you.we
are the people,we have a voice.
And if you think you aren't gonna pay that cash and opt to threaten,then let's
Rem that 26 year old guy u dumped recently....😂😂😂.he says hi.
Goodluck madam senator clearing your name.
Well there are enough skeletons in the closet to deny you that seat.but am not
here for that today. Am here for smthng dif up the 200k of 7years.
Am giving you till 7.or else am gonna reveal more.and also air your numbers in
Her numbers are..continue reading next page

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