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DP RUTO FAILED UNIVERSITY EXAMS TERRIBLY as He fails to graduate from University of Nairobi after ‘falling below standards’


DP William Ruto will not be able to graduate on Friday because he did not meet some ‘standards’.
Ruto, who has been pursuing a PhD at the University of Nairobi, said the reason he was unsuccessful in his studies this year is because he has not met some ‘standards’ and ‘requirements’.
His thesis focused on the impact of human activities on riparian reserves at Saiwa Swamp, in Trans Nzoia County.
But he said he is expected to graduate in December next year.
Although Ruto revealed this on Thursday evening, he must have received the saddening news early last month when the PhD thesis defences took place.
He has been working on his PhD since 2012 before he became the deputy president.
“I urge all colleges to observe set standard and award certificates to students purely on merit,” he said yesterday in two Tweets.
“As a PhD student, I have subjected myself to that standard. I was due to graduate tomorrow but I can’t because of requirement.”
Ruto will now watch as President Uhuru Kenyatta is awarded a doctorate degree on Friday, the difference being that the President’s an honorary one that does not reflect any academic excellence.
The university did not say why Ruto could not graduate but Kenyans offered a plethora of reasons on social media, nearly all which could not be verified.
The university’s board of post graduate studies says candidates for PhD must submit a research proposal showing that they are capable of carrying....
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