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Controversial gospel singer Willy Paul and Size 8 Walks Out of Radio Jambo Studios...This is RUDE and SILLY...Tiga Wana GOD will PUNISH you!!


giving any explanation on why they did so.

However, Size 8 denied the claims of storming out and disclosed that their could have been a miscommunication between the producer and Gidi.

"We did not storm out. We walked out. That was a miscommunication. we were supposed to come for an interview and were called by the producer. So we communicated we would leave at 7:30am because we have another interview elsewhere. and the producer agreed. Gidi was justified to take offense because the producer had not communicated with Gidi properly so he didn’t know what was going on. So when we were leaving I went to Gidi and told him it was a mis-communication," the gospel singer stated.

Gidi and Ghost wanted to question them on their recent song Tiga Wana which has sparked controversy with a huge section of the public terming it a danceable hit which does not qualify to be gospel.

Meanwhile, the two artists have maintained that the song is gospel since it passes on the message if God.

“Gospel is the message of God. So, of course, Tiga Wana is gospel because of the message it carries… We are telling the devil to stop whatever you're doing because the Bible says cast down every thought that rises itself above the knowledge of Christ and we are glorifying Jesus,” Size 8 stated while appearing in a recent interview.

Here is the audio courtesy of Radio Jambo when they were at the studios.

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