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TOP 10 Richest Pastors in KENYA who got rich in the name of God...They live like Kings in the name of Lord.


affluent pad made rounds on the social media, followed by a string of comments about serving God and its place in earthly extravagance. And what of their rumoured ‘hanging swimming pool’ for them?

That has not been confirmed.

Kathy has no apologies. “Those who talk only know the ‘after’; they should have seen the ‘before’ to appreciate the work of God,” she explained in an interview. “God has raised us up in the church and the church is as good as its flock — if the flock is walking in poverty, so will the church.”

Kathy adds: “Many in our congregation are living well; this is just the tip of the iceberg, we are only warming up, we are coming. We were called by God to raise leaders and that is exactly what we are doing — raising people to be the best they can be, and as they grow, so do we. Besides, you can never pay a pastor enough.”

In a previous interview Kathy was quoted saying: “God wants us to be prosperous in every single way. His desire for us is to walk in abundance. I am praying for church people to show the likes of Bill Gates dust!”


He arrived in a presidential-style convoy comprising sleek black Mercedes cars accompanied by siren blaring police outriders taking the lead, clearing the way. No traffic snarl-ups here as Prophet David Owuor was chauffeured to Kenyatta University’s annual student’s conference where thousands thronged to hear him preach last month.

It is not clear how this prophet coins his pretty penny. He has severally claimed that he never accepts church offering. Remember when senior pastors of his Ministry of Repentance and Holiness bought him a Mercedes S500 as a gift? Well, that gift cost Sh25 million.

Prophet Owuor globe trots, preaching in Angola, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, USA, Finland, China, Korea, Australia, UK, Burundi, Brazil and Holland.


He is known for his shiny white suits, even along court corridors where Bishop Wahome has been fighting his ex-wife, Leah Mueni who demands that he should pay...continue reading
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