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MUTAHI NGUNYI reveals who is leaking UHURU’s secret to RAILA & the looming revolution...UNBELIEVABLE!!! (VIDEO)


Renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has exposed those leaking corruption scandals in the Jubilee Government to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga with the latest being the NYS and the sh 5 billion theft at Afya House.

In his analysis, Ngunyi, who is among those implicated in the NYS scandal, revealed that Raila was getting information from technocrats he worked with in Government when he was Prime Minister, and who President Uhuru Kenyatta has retained ­ a move he said was Uhuru’s biggest waterloo. He warned Uhuru to crush Raila’s elements before it is too late or else they will crush him with scandals.
“Uhuru did not purge the Raila elements from the past Coalition Government ­ this is a tactical error,” Ngunyi said. “John F Kennedy in the US was assassinated by elements he failed to purge from the previous regime.

Such elements will show you no mercy and Uhuru must show no kindness towards them, these are the people who are leaking scandals to Raila Odinga,” he added. Besides, Ngunyi warned Uhuru to be wary of Raila Odinga because he could be planning an Arab­like spring in....
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