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MUTAHI NGUNYI KILLS RUTOs Dreams again.Here is why he will never be President in 2022 ‐ He’s fooling himself (WATCH VIDEO)


Renowned political scientist, Mutahi Ngunyi, has warned Deputy President William Ruto not to be so sure of the 2022 Presidency because he may never be President. In his latest analysis titled 'Letter to Ruto on How Not to Become President', Ngunyi listed three aspects that may hinder Ruto from becoming President in 2022. He noted that Ruto's 2022 Presidency was straight forward but would be sabotaged if he continued with his current antics in politics, which are laced with overconfidence and arrogance, saying he is making himself easily predictable. “William Ruto has become cocky. The first law in the science of becoming the President is to conceal your intentions. They must never see you coming.
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As Napoleon taught us you must wear a velvet glove behind your iron fist. Unfortunately, Ruto is walking around down with his iron fist visible and exposed,” Ngunyi says. Secondly, Ngunyi opined that Ruto does not have the tenacity to handle pain as evidenced by his tendency to respond to every picketer on the street ­ something he said could be his greatest waterloo in 2022. “Whoever desires this office must have a high threshold for pain. Unfortunately, Ruto feels a little bit of pain and he attacks inconsequential earthlings who spend their lives picketing on...
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