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...a latex processing plant is not my thing. So I try and choose my women very well. Besides, you only live once and HIV now almost has a cure," Phillip Mungai, a technical officer revealed in an online questionnaire posted by The Nairobian.

He further revealed that once he sleeps with a woman without a C0N'D0M, he can never use rub'ber again. The deal is sealed.

"Ladies, you ever had C0N'D0Mless S3'X with a man and then tried to get him to use C0N'D0MS again? You can't, can you? Why? Because no man wants to do that. Once you go raw, it feels like the world just opened up and let you in on one life's greatest pleasures. Birds chirp louder. The sky gets bluer. A man's walk is a little taller and his head is lifted a little higher," said Phillip.

3. No repercussions yet? Let's do it again!
Couples who spoke to The Nairobian claimed that after having unprotected S3'X and one doesn't become preg'nant or gets infected, then, there is always that 'relief feel'. It is easy to go back to the cookie jar, again! "

I once dated this man and every time we had S3'X, I was scared of getting pre'gnant. We agreed on a family planning method just to be safe. I think I became too comfortable and it never crossed my mind he could infect me with HIV," says Ann, adding, " After doing it once with no consequence, individuals get braver or downright reckless.

He views are shared by Tom Ngao, an accountant. "I cannot have S3'X with C0N'D0MS. Common! Not at my age! I always with'draw during S3'X and when I fail to, then I ensure she swallows an emergency pill, which I always carry in my wallet," he said.

Tom's greatest fear is impre'gnating a girl. S3'Xually Transmitted diseases are not part of his fears...CONTINUE READING
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