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MEN:This are 12 Things women do NOT want you to do in Bed... No. 5 and 10 will shock you but its what you do to your girlfriend in bed every day(A must read)


There are only a handful of things that can get a woman hooked on to a man, and good se'x is definitely one of them. There is a lot that men got to learn about giving their women the best se'x they would ever have. You can’t learn everything overnight, so let’s start with the don’ts first. Here are things your woman doesn’t want you to do in be'd.

1. Moving Downtown Straight Away

No, ignoring her lips and heading down south is not erotic. It makes her feel like you’ve made hourly payments and have thus, decided to get to the point with minimal stoppages.

2. Blowing In Her Ears

Blowing is one thing; trying to force her eardrum out of her other ear is another. Turning deaf while doing it is never sexy.

3. Manhandling The Brea'sts

Touch and caress all you want. But don’t squeeze her girls too hard. They’re brea'sts, not stress balls. Don’t bite her nip'ples. Don’t be like a dog that is teething and would chew on almost anything. Neither should you twindle them like you’re trying to fine tune a radio station.

4. Thrusting Like There’s No Tomorrow

A lot of men start pumping like a machine the moment they enter a woman. Be a little gentler, a lot less mechanical. Hold on, do it way it is supposed to be...CONTINUE READING
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