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EXTREMELY SAD STORY: Behind TPF Principal ACHIENG ABURA’s smile, there was alot of pain & suffering, before her DEATH, Just read this.


Here’s a candid interview that Biko had with the late TPF Principal, Achieng Abura, who died at Kenyatta National Hospital on Thursday Evening. Her life was not all that rosy. Read about her 23 year old son who was diagnosed with a heart condition among other things.

You don’t look happy. 

You have such sad eyes... Wow! It’s Monday morning (Laughs). I mean I had a lovely Sunday. I’ve woken up and my son isn’t doing too badly today.
Your son?
My son is 23. Young man, very comfortable in himself, very mature.

I’m a single mother so you find that children with single parents tend to mature very quickly. (Smiles). We discovered that he had a heart condition five years ago and so we’ve been treating that along with the sickle cell anaemia. Oh, I’m sorry! He’s a clever boy, he got scholarships. He was supposed to have started last year in April, but just before that he was in ICU for over a month. But now doctors want to strengthen his heart.

They can. Oh, that’s good news, yes?

Yes, only it’s in the UK. And we have to airlift him, which costs like Sh12 million and crazy things like that. The alternative is to have a doctor, a nurse, myself and him on business class for Sh4 million. So we are trying to raise Sh4 million.
In your circle of performing artistes, have you engaged them?

Well, the first umm… let me put it straight up. There is this notion that we artistes are very rich, and yes, we don’t do too poorly. But five years is a long time to maintain a situation. I called a harambee and…
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