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LADIES: Five Things That You Can Do To A Kenyan Guy And He'll Never Forget You (A MUST READ)


5. THREE-SOME, A three-some is every man’s dream. if you don’t want a guy to forget about you then have a three-some with him, it will make him feel like a King, to him its like hitting two birds with one stone. Be sharp and tell your bestfriend so that you can make your guy happy through teamwork

4. GENEROUS, if you don’t want a guy to forget about you then serve everyone of his friends or brothers your cookie then he will never forget about you. Its not something to brag about because its not good. If you are whore or special to everyone then your guy will never forget about you because your legs open easily or much faster than the Google homepage

3. PEE ON BED, By this susuring i don’t mean these ones of kids or children where he or she dreams that she is in the toilet then she wets the bed, No way!! I mean the one for adults, elnino rains to be specific then for sure a guy will never forget about you...CONTINUE READING
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