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8 SURPRISING Facts You Didn't Know About CITIZEN TV's LULU HASSAN, NO.3 will SHOCK you and NO. 6 IS SOO SAD


Charismatic,bubbly,beautiful,dazzling are some of the few adjectives that can be used to describe Citizen's TV Swahili anchor Lulu Hassan. She is better known to many as that lady who wears an Hijab and stands besides to her co-anchor Kanze Dena during most Citizen Nipashe news.
Enough of the introductions, Lulu Hassan's journey to the top has not been an easy one and she recently revealed to Citizen Digital alot about her life.

Here are some of the things she opened up to Citizen Digital;

8: She had a big wedding.

When Lulu tied the knot with Rashid, her neighbors and friends came in large numbers to celebrate their union.

“When Rashid and I wedded, most guests were people whom I did not know. Out of love they came in large numbers to celebrate my big day,” tells Lulu.

Since her late mother was not there to ‘give her away’ as is customary, her neighbors and friends stepped in. For this reason, the soft spoken newsreader describes Kenyans as loving and caring people.

7: She met her husband, Rashid Abdalla, at work.

Lulu is married to QTV presenter Rashid Abdalla, and she met him back at Radio Salaam. He’d heard her voice on Radio, and he was eager to meet her in person. This was just after Lulu lost her mother, and he was there for her through her grief.

“When I remembered my mother I would cry a lot and Rashid was always there to offer me a shoulder to lean on. With time I grew so close to him. The rest is history,” she recalls smiling.

Lulu revealed that since then she has always found a friend in Rashid. Together they are blessed with two sons: Jibran, 4, and Irfan, 1.
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